My friend and I were having a conversation this evening about relationships, marriage, and being single.   She has been talking to a boy who told her that he wants to be in a relationship where he provides every tool to destroy him (his fears and his insecurities), but he can trust that she won’t ever use them against him.  What an incredible yet scary thought.   It is truly our deepest desire and yet our deepest fear to be fully known.  There’s a battle that goes on inside me, one side that throws caution to the wind, diving headfirst into relationships, and the other side that makes me pause uncomfortably.  The side that actually makes me think rationally and logically about the character, depth, and spirit of this boy.  The side that reminds me not to “awaken love until the time is right” according to Song of Solomon.  With so many bruises and scars from all of my past naive decisions, I have come to learn that patience will save me from almost certain heartache.

Be still, oh desperately blooming heart.

The time is not yet right

for it is still winter.

Frost would kill your tender shoots

and the far away sun cannot warm you like you need.

Wait until the spring

when the gentle winds can massage your tendrils

and the soaking rain has strengthened your roots.

Only then will your blossoms be vibrant

with color and fragrance

and able to withstand the seasons of life.

About miccahmarie

I got my first Diary when I was 10. I couldn't wait to write in it at night to divulge all of the details of my day onto paper with my turquoise pen. I now find that writing has become therapeutic for me. I need time to think and sort out what is going on inside and often when I'm most emotionally heightened is when I write most creatively. My years of journaling are a compilation of written out prayers as well as lamenting poems. Now as a wife and mother, my perspectives have changed, as I reflect on who I was and who God is making me to be.
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1 Response to Impatience

  1. Mallory says:

    Beautiful Miccah. It is so hard to sit in patience with these areas of life. Much easier to jump in feet (or heart) first than take the effort to dive head first. You are amazing!

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