The people that we allow into our lives have the greatest potential to fill us with joy or hurt us most deeply.  Transient passengers that zig and zag through our paths aren’t so invested in our lives to affect us when they disappear just as quickly as they appeared.    But when people we love and share life with slip into oblivion without so much as a backward glance, the effect is gut wrenching.  What did I do?  What did I say?  We start examining our character and replay the last moments together in our mind’s theater.  A crushing blow at first, unexpected and painful, and never quite heals. 

Your silence is deafening

Crushing me on all sides

rendering my lungs incapacitated

Squeezing the hemorrhaging heart inside my chest like a tourniquet

Cutting off the supply when


the bleeding stops 

and runs dry

Until pinpricks of your memory prod the sinewy bandage of time.

About miccahmarie

I got my first Diary when I was 10. I couldn't wait to write in it at night to divulge all of the details of my day onto paper with my turquoise pen. I now find that writing has become therapeutic for me. I need time to think and sort out what is going on inside and often when I'm most emotionally heightened is when I write most creatively. My years of journaling are a compilation of written out prayers as well as lamenting poems. Now as a wife and mother, my perspectives have changed, as I reflect on who I was and who God is making me to be.
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