Day 27/31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes 2017: OVERCOME

Day 27

Being overcome by sadness feels like being overcome by exhaustion.  The weight of memories and regrets make the tears fall harder.  We all deal with grief differently, but I myself as a complete sap and someone who wears her heart on her sleeve has a very difficult time with those who are stoic and show no emotion at all.  Are you in there? Do you feel anything?  Are you hurting?  I can’t tell.  My throat feels raw, my nose is running, and my eyes brim with salty tears.  But all I see is that you are bitter and make me feel small for feeling.



About miccahmarie

I got my first Diary when I was 10. I couldn't wait to write in it at night to divulge all of the details of my day onto paper with my turquoise pen. I now find that writing has become therapeutic for me. I need time to think and sort out what is going on inside and often when I'm most emotionally heightened is when I write most creatively. My years of journaling are a compilation of written out prayers as well as lamenting poems. Now as a wife and mother, my perspectives have changed, as I reflect on who I was and who God is making me to be.
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6 Responses to Day 27/31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes 2017: OVERCOME

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  2. gabriele says:

    My daughter labels herself as a highly sensitive person and warns that she will feel deeper and more obviously, so look out. Grief seems to have a life span of it’s own. Yours is yours and mine is mine, but we can share. It helps.

  3. You’re right… We all deal differently with grief. I’m praying today that you will not feel small in your differences but will find peace in them. I’m also praying that the bitterness of another will be healed and that—in time—acceptance of reality and each other will be found.

  4. God made you the way you are. Being vulnerable is NEVER a flaw. It is through vulnerability that we are able to connect with others. I would guess that you connect deeply with others as a result of your “on the sleeve” emotions.

    I have found that another word for stoic is guarded. The people whom I know that show no emotion are individuals who have suffered great pain in their life – almost always going back to their childhood. It’s past hurt that causes them to build up walls to keep future hurt out.

    Have no fear, sweet sister. You are not alone! As one who is part of the sappy club, I affirm that we are many!!

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