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Learning Grace through Parenthood

A few weeks ago, I took my 17-month-old daughter to a bookstore to do some Christmas shopping. There, we were greeted with free Styrofoam cups full of spiced apple cider. I took a cup, and clearly my girl wanted a … Continue reading

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Five Minute Friday: Growth in the SILENCE

Today I’m linking up with the Five Minute Friday community, writing for five minutes on a given prompt. This week’s word is SILENCE.   In the silence, you’re growing inside me.  I can’t hear you or see you, but when … Continue reading

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Desperately Seeking Love

I spent most of my life as a single, having now only been married for three years.  In high school, I wondered what made other girls who always had a boyfriend different from me.  Even into my twenties and early … Continue reading

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Five Minute Friday: NEED

About ten years ago, I dated a boy who told me right off the bat he was codependent.  I had no idea what that meant initially, even as he explained that he “needed to feel needed.”  Our relationship came to … Continue reading

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Day 31/31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes 2017: REST

Day 31 Rest, my precious child. Lay your head on my shoulder allow your breaths to slow and our heartbeats to align. Let me feel the warmth of your cheek against mine. Close your sleepy eyes and melt into me.

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Day 30/31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes 2017: REFINE

Day 30 Scrubbing clean sanding down filing rough edges. Softening harsh words molding hardened hearts distilling thoughts. Painful at times, uncomfortable but necessary for growth.      

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Day 29/31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes 2017: FOLLOW

Day 29 If one were to follow the track of my life, it would not be a stretch to say I’ve moved around a lot.  I was born in Bethesda, MD, grew up for the first 16 years of my … Continue reading

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