Day 21/31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes 2017: GIVE

Day 21

There are some days as a mom and wife when I feel like all I’ve done is give.  Each step of life prepares you for the next.  Going from being single to married requires death to self.  Decisions are not made for yourself anymore, but for the betterment of the two.  Then, with a new baby, a whole new level of giving of yourself is required.  Becoming a  mother takes incredible self-sacrifice.  Almost all of my time was devoted to my daughter, while trying to include my husband into this new bond between baby and mother.  For me, sacrificing for my daughter was more natural than it was for my husband, maybe because she was so helpless?  When I was nursing as her sole means of nourishment, I was feeding her every two hours around the clock.   I would fall into bed exhausted, only to wake up a few hours later to feed her.  Blessedly, that period of time was short, but there is a lifetime more to give of myself.




About miccahmarie

I got my first Diary when I was 10. I couldn't wait to write in it at night to divulge all of the details of my day onto paper with my turquoise pen. I now find that writing has become therapeutic for me. I need time to think and sort out what is going on inside and often when I'm most emotionally heightened is when I write most creatively. My years of journaling are a compilation of written out prayers as well as lamenting poems. Now as a wife and mother, my perspectives have changed, as I reflect on who I was and who God is making me to be.
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