Five Minute Friday: Visit

As I contemplate our move to North Carolina, I think about the friendships I’ve made here in Connecticut.  My two closest friends here have developed over multiple visits with each other.  As a new mother, these visits helped me feel like I wasn’t alone in my feelings of utter helplessness and being overwhelmed.  These visits helped me learn how to feel more comfortable and confident in driving with my baby and getting out of the house.  That it was okay to take a break and not feel the need to constantly flit around the house to clean and cook while my baby slept.   We’ve shared our concerns ranging from feeding and sleeping, to keeping our marriages strong and maintaining our own sense of identity.  Our visits started out tentative, perhaps introduced by getting together for coffee.  Now we can dig deeper, comfortable in each other’s company, the accumulation of visits a solid foundation of our friendship.

About miccahmarie

I got my first Diary when I was 10. I couldn't wait to write in it at night to divulge all of the details of my day onto paper with my turquoise pen. I now find that writing has become therapeutic for me. I need time to think and sort out what is going on inside and often when I'm most emotionally heightened is when I write most creatively. My years of journaling are a compilation of written out prayers as well as lamenting poems. Now as a wife and mother, my perspectives have changed, as I reflect on who I was and who God is making me to be.
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